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Webcasting, Screencasting and YouTube Live
Your event, conference, congress or meeting belongs on the web. It needs to reach a worldwide audience and should last more than a few hours or days. There is no getting around it: people like to watch presentations on the web. They are not going to stop attending in person but they do want to make the most of their time by catching sessions they may have missed, revisiting important presentations and discussing content with colleagues. Webcasting captures the true value of events and never stop delivering.

And the on-line video revolution continues for live events. It is now possible to gather a worldwide internet audience, with no limit on the number of concurrent viewers, with unlimited bandwidth on the most compatible video platforms available for free! YouTube Live has arrived and organizations can stream any event regardless of size to the public or to members only using the easy to understand YouTube interface. Take advantage now to engage a much larger audience. We have been working with YouTube Live since 2010 and are here to help you get the most from it.

And speaking of large audiences let’s talk Screencasting: Projecting the video of the presenter onto large screens in a conference room. This is normally an expensive option requiring two operators and a lot of equipment. Now this function is combined with the webcasting. The webcast operator can send a separate HD scene to the projectors. This Screencast can be switched between preset scenes just like the webcast. HD camera shots of the presenter, Power Point feeds or a mixture are all possible. Available as an add-on for a webcast.

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