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Webcasting for the masses is not just for the convention centers of the world but also the theaters, churches, shopping malls, local governments, and corporate headquarters. Webcasting belongs anywhere people are gathering. With both potable systems and permanent installations we bring together the finest components to build powerful communication platforms. We can integrate webcasting into your existing facility or build you a systems from the ground up. Talk to us about your requirements and get started on your project right away.

Custom Integration using the finest components available. Systems are extensively tested so you can begin webcasting with confidence.


Xsplit Broadcaster
is the easy to use yet powerful webcasting software for the masses. It combines a sophisticated MP4 encoder with a video effects switcher in a Windows application. Now anyone can be a web broadcaster and we mean anyone because the start-up costs are dramatically low. With Xsplit you are ready to stream live HD broadcasts on any CDN including your your YouTube channel. Click here to get your XSplit Broadcasters license.

Hi-Definition PTZ

HD cameras and our unique pan/tilt/zoom controllers provide an economical way to add production value to live events. We can provide Sony or Canon cameras or you can use your own. The system includes two pan heads capable of holding 6lbs cameras, two Remote/LANC to USB controllers, two LANC cables, a 15’ camera cable with twin HDMI, USB and power cables, the game controller and software. One person can control two or more cameras and change the stage preset in in the webcasting software all without touching a mouse or the keyboard.

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Capture Dongles are inexpensive yet powerful capture devices for HD video signals. The size of a credit card and yet able to deliver stunning HD capture on USB 3 or 2 equipped computers. There are two versions of the Capture Dongle one for HDMI video sources and one for SDI HD. Multiple dongles can be connected to a system creating a multi-input webcasting system from a laptop PC.

The USB Capture Box is the Swiss Army knife of capture devices, it captures two live video streams from a variety of HD sources including DVI-D/A, HDMI, VGA and Component. On board hi definition scalers mean you can adjust the size and frame rate of video before sending it to the PC, thus saving USB bandwidth and CPU cycles. The device is fully USB 3 compliant and with throttled frame rates also works with USB 2.

PCI-E multi-input capture cards the ideal building blocks for large web broadcasting systems. Available in a variety of input configurations with up to 4 live streams per card. There are cards with multiple SDI HD, HDMI and DVI inputs, even 4K input cards.Hi definition scalers and de-interlacing on board means the video is always smooth with no lost frames or video tearing.

Webcasting Wonder
Laptop PC Twin Cameras + VGA Capture
17.3" FHD 16:9 "Matte Type" Screen (1920x1080)
4th Gen Intel® i7-4700MQ (2.4GHz - 3.4GHz, 6MB)
NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 860M (2.0GB) DX11
8GB RAM - 128GB Solid State mSATA-
WINDOWS 10.1 - 64-Bit (Disk Included)

3 Year Xsplit Broadcaster
2 Motorized Pan Heads
2 Pan/LANC/USB cControllers
2 LACN Cables
2 Sony HD Camcorders
1 15’ Camera Cable
1 HDMI Capture Dongle
1 DVI-D/A Capture Box

6’ Tripod
Camera Clamp
USB audio mixer
100’ Thin VGA Cable
3 way VGA Splitter
1 Game Controller
Power strip
Flight Case
Webcasting Starter
Single camera and VGA capture
Laptop PC Same as above
1 Year Xsplit Broadcaster
1 Motorized pan head
1 Pan/LANC Controller
1 Sony HD Camcorder
1 15’ Camera Cable
1 DVI-D/A Capture Box

Game Controller
Mini Tripod/Clamp
USB audio mixer
Power strip
Roll aboard Case

Associations, corporations, government, educators, religious and local groups take advantage of our 14 years in the business to fulfill their broadcasting requirements. Ultra-portable systems, studios systems, training room installations, theaters, churches, city halls and more. Drop us a line and we will develop a proposal that includes equipment, hosting and the training for your people.

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