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Webcasting for the Masses

WebcastingConferences.com is just what it says, put every conference, congress, shareholders meeting, press launch, business meeting, congregation; any event on the web. This is really webcasting for the masses.

I'm Mark Buckland the founder of Digital Proceedings and we have been webcasting and conference recording since 2000. Over the years my goal has always been to lower the cost of a webcast. I believe when the cost of a webcast is under $100 per hour it opens up new opportunities for web events. Everything from shareholders meetings to conferences and congresses and also openings, book tours, school plays, religious gatherings, weddings, parties, funerals and reunions. The market for webcasting is only limited by your imagination. Let’s take a look.

A basic webcasting system can be built for around $1500. A professional, multi camera webcasting system is costs around $6000 and rents out for $600 per day. A video technician gets about $500 per day. So at $1100 per day we are very close to the magic $100 per hour for creating content. The next part is also in place, with YouTube and YouTube Live there is a way of delivering high quality video to the masses at no cost at all.

Now we have the tools to produce HD video but if a webcast is expected to hold an audience it must maintain production values. Nothing puts people off more than the poor quality video of local access TV channels. You need a video switcher with effects and multiple HD cameras to produce compelling programming. You must change the look of the webcast to suit different content, switch cameras to follow the person talking, have lower third titles and roll video clips when required. Production value is what makes news shows and breakfast TV programming work.

So then is adding production value all about technology and equipment? Of course not, it all about the experience and skills of the people operating the equipment. It takes a skilled producer or technician that make it all happen seamlessly.
Nurturing and sharing these skills is what WebcastingConferences.com is all about. We want to help people learn the skills and acquire the equipment so they can produce outstanding webcasts. We want to help build a community of professionals that want to share their knowledge, equipment and skill so that we can all make a good living doing what we love.

So that’s it, webcasting for the masses. Well trained and motivated operators working with hi quality software and equipment. The site is new so the Word Press is not in yet but you can comment on my blog on our Facebook page. Ask questions, post your events, share ideas, seek work, find operators and offer advice. But please keep it positive, this is all about getting the best from people. I will be offering webcast training sessions both on-line and on-site plus some on the job training around the country. You can learn new techniques, try the equipment and meet people that have a passion about webcasting and the opportunities in the field. So sign up for our newsletter, tells us who you are and keep in touch. It is going to take a lot of webcasters to reach the masses.


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